About A and K Construction

After years of experience working in commercial construction, A and K Construction is proud to be the leading commercial general contractor in Hudson, Wisconsin. We strive to ensure that your every expectation is met, and we do this by leveraging our experience and resources to provide the value you expect and deserve.

We specialize in delivering high-quality commercial construction in facilities, offices, retail stores and government buildings. In addition to general contracting services, we also provide commercial design and build as well as construction management.

Customers, employees,and vendors are the most important part of A and K Construction, so we foster a relationship that is built on gaining and maintaining trust. We appreciate and value your business and that is how we meet standards. Our elite team of builders excels in providing expert knowledge and the highest in quality craftsmanship while still staying true to your vision and needs.

As a local leader in commercial construction, we are committed to bringing exceptional standards to every interaction. We take a lot of pride in the satisfaction of knowing that we deliver superior-quality work while remaining focused on sustainability and efficient costs.

Our mission to be the most reputable and reliable commercial construction company in Wisconsin is rooted in the following principles. 

A and K Construction Principles

• We conduct business with honesty and integrity.
• We provide a quality product at a competitive price.
• We conduct business in a way that our clients will have confidence in our ability to provide an excellent product.
• We provide clients with realistic timetables, cost estimates, and complete projects on time.
• We treat employees, subcontractors and clients with respect and dignity

If you are looking for the best commercial general contractor in Hudson, WI, call us at 651-233-0578.